“…I know for a fact your techniques work…and will no doubt save Law Enforcement lives…”
-Erik Little
Rafter-L Gun Leather

Tactical Control and Defense is dedicated to providing realistic, proven, and effectual Defensive Tactics to Law Enforcement, Military, Fire/EMS and the Private Sector. Our philosophy is to teach techniques that will work in real life scenarios in fluid and dynamic situations. Real Tactics……Real Results. We refuse to subscribe to ineffectual techniques that may look flashy, but seldom work outside of a classroom environment with cooperative students. If it does NOT work……we will NOT teach it. Our cadre of instructors has a unique blend of experience not available anywhere else.

In keeping with our philosophy of providing reality-based training, we are able to provide training to your organization based on your needs, and we are flexible in our schedule to best accommodate the members of your organization.

“…This is one company I would highly recommend…”
-Nate Neeley
Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC